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The Importance of Digital Transformation for a More Sustainable World. 

Currently, more than 80% of companies aim to leave behind the use of paper and the benefits of this are clear.

The average office worker uses more than 10,000 pieces of paper a year, which translates to corporations spending an estimated $120 billion annually on paper documents alone.
Paperless organizations and their benefits have been talked about for decades, but conversion has never been as easy and beneficial as it is today. Digital transformations are one of the highest ROI investments a business can make, as they speed up and automate numerous processes and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud solution specialized in all Human Resources processes that, through its modules, will help you eliminate the use of paper in the processes with the highest consumption throughout the organization.
Here we highlight some modules that can support your transformation into a paperless organization:

  • Employee Central: Allows you to store all the documentation and information of your employees in the cloud, entirely omitting the need for physical documents that could be lost or outdated over time. It will also give the collaborator the possibility of downloading official documents in PDF through the self-services it has.
  • Onboarding: Digital Onboarding is a trend driven by the pandemic. This module allows you to sign and store all the documents necessary for hiring the new collaborator digitally. As well as reporting on the company’s internal policies, transmitting its philosophy, publicizing the functions of the position and identifying its team before starting work.
  • Payroll: Electronic tickets allow a much faster and more automated process, at the same time that they dispense entirely with the use of paper for them.

Many organizations have already taken the step of a digital transformation. Well, in addition to taking care of the environment, there are valuable quantifiable benefits to adopting a system that does not depend on paper and all the additional steps and expenses that this implies. Being a green company has never been so easy. Schedule a meeting by clicking the button and let us guide you in your digital transformation process.

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