Welcome to

Veritas Prime Latam

We’re dedicated to giving you the best service, with a focus on our founding principles: Truth. Excellence.

Our focus is SAP SuccessFactors; giving customers the total experience. As an SAP Service, Buy and Sell Partner, we can help with the entire process, including project discovery, consulting, implementation, license acquisition, and post-go-live support.

The Veritas Prime team has hybrid experience with SAP On-Premise and SuccessFactors. All of our consultants are certified in Employee Central, in addition to their specialty areas such as Payroll and Talent.

Our Family

Our Leadership Team are SuccessFactors expert consultants, so they understand what it takes for a project to be successful, and they grow and nurture our in-house talent. Since our inception, we have not had rotation and this is largely due to the culture of our organization. 

We are a very transparent organization that highlights the successes and strengths of our team. We continually emphasize and recognize these five values: Teamwork, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Transparency and Commitment. Our team members instill these values in their work on a daily basis.